10 Reasons To Go Skiing

Skiing is definitely my favourite type of holiday. I love to soak up the sun and chill by a pool, but I get bored pretty quickly. My husband gets bored a hundred times faster!

Over the last 8 years we have skied at least once every season, at home and abroad. This year for the first time we’re not going on a ski holiday (still holding out for some decent Scottish snow!) and I’m absolutely gutted! However, whilst I’m not heading away this season, here’s my top reasons why you should consider hitting the slopes.

1. Apres Ski

I’ll start with this rather than the skiing (or snowboarding). If the skiing sucks and it’s not for you, there will be an Apres activity that will make your holiday. From snowmobiling, iceskating, sleigh rides and mountain top fondues, to shopping and spas, or even just sightseeing and soaking in the fresh mountain air with a steaming hot coffee, trust me you’ll find a way to relax off the slopes.

2. Family Fun

A snowy holiday will keep you all entertained, from babies to grandparents. Choose a ski resorts with creche facilities, or a nanny service to look after those tiny tots not quite old enough for a set of skis. For your toddlers up to your grandparents ski school is your new family. Beginners lessons, group lessons, private lessons, steep ski clinics, women only classes, you name it, you’ll find a class to suit your every need. Once you’ve mastered the basics and enjoyed a delicious lunch, head back out as a family to enjoy the slopes together, or relax off the piste with an Apres activity to suit you all.

3. Some alone time…

I say above that skiing is a perfect family holiday, but a snowy escape also provides the perfect opportunity for some you time. Knowing your kids are well looked after in class or creche, take a morning off from your class and hit the spa…or shops, or relax in front of a fire. Treat yourself to a private lesson, or if you have mastered the basics head off with your partner in crime for an adrenaline filled race down the mountain, stopping for a hot chocolate and to admire the view.

4. Guilt free foodie heaven

Who doesn’t like to indulge on holiday? Well at least on a ski holiday you’re burning the calories and have all the excuses to stuff your face with mid morning cinnamon buns, a lunch time BBQ, an Apres plate of nachos or poutine (a Canadian delight of chips, cheese curds and gravy with a variety of other added options…!), and a scrumptious tea time fondue! Even on a ski holiday we plan our time around where and what we’re going to eat. Do your research and check out the local treats, then work out how many kilometres you need to rack up to burn it off!

5. Beer and a hot tub

I’m not going to lie. All this exercise can leave the fittest of people with a few aches and pains. My advice – suck it up, grab a beer, strip off and head for the hot tub! Accommodation without a hot tub is a no go for us. There’s lots of fun to be had in those few hours after the lifts have shut and before you head out. Even when it’s snowing sitting in a steaming tub, getting to know your neighbours, sharing a cold beer, is one of my favourite parts of the day.

6. Sun

What wait? Skiing and sun? A tan? Yup you read it right. Even in the darkest depths of winter, I’ve come away with a good old goggle tan line! On a clear day in January you will still feel the warmth of the sun on your face and suncream is a must. My favourite time of the year to ski is Spring. Depending where you go you could find yourself enjoying a totally awesome POW day up the hill, and stripping off to your bikini at the bottom to soak up some rays. This is why a ski holiday rocks. Choose your resort carefully though – you don’t want to risk no snow for the sake of sunbathing.




7. Entertainment Factor

Resorts will vary across the world, from family friendly restaurants and traditional chalets, to purpose built towns with cinemas, bars, restaurants shops and spas. I’ve loved heading to the cinema to catch the latest blockbuster, and in my youth thoroughly enjoyed a drink or two in a local bar before hitting a club. Many resorts will also offer a whole host of family friendly entrainment options too.

8. Friend? Snow Friend?

You’re in a ski resort. So everyone you meet is pretty much going to be there because of the snow. Therefore you have something in common. With everyone. Everyone is your friend and you all have something to talk about from the word go. It is the friendliest holiday you will go on.

9. Magical view

What isn’t magical about a snow capped mountain with little wooden chalets with snow on their roofs and a village ice rink? Even in Scotland with a slightly flatter, smaller mountain (*Cough* hill), the view from the top of the chairlift on a clear day, with the sun sparkling on the crisp snow, is magical. To me nothing beats the vast open spaces and literally being on top of the world.

10. Learn something new

Still not convinced? Well if you haven’t tired it then it’s something new. Whether you ski or board, give it a go. Then you can always say you tried it, and learned something new!

So go on and grab the moose by the antler and let a snowy escape be your new favourite holiday.

E x

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11 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Go Skiing

  1. I absolutely love the idea of a ski holiday. Can’t say I fancy the concept of hurtling down a mountain with my feet attached to big slabs of plastic, but the apres ski and the mountains and hot chocolate are definitely up my street. Never heard of “poutine” but that also sounds like something I need in my life! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x
    Rhyming with Wine recently posted…#DreamTeam Linky Week 41My Profile

  2. Oh I don’t need 10 – number one is enough for me!! Apres ski is just the best isn’t it? We adore skiing as a family – one of the best escapes to get away from all the pressures of normal life – much more than a summer holiday I feel – though I always do feel like I need another holiday to rest after skiing! #fortheloveofBLOG
    justsayingmum recently posted…You Were Once a Baby in My ArmsMy Profile

  3. I haven’t been skiing in years. Hubby keeps saying we need to get the kids up to the mountains but right now there are landslides on both the major roads up to the snow!

    Thanks for the reminder though of all the great things that we need to go take advantage of!


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