#DayLOT8 First Time Skiing

On Saturday my husband and I took our little Oat skiing for the first time. We have been dreaming of this day for a very long time and it did not disappoint!

I didn’t learn to ski until I was a teenager and my husband was in his twenties. We loved seeing the tiny tots zipping by us on the slopes, often far better than us. Their confidence was incredible, and they were fearless. They looked like little squidgy marshmallows in their snow suits zooming around on tiny skis. From the toddlers following their instructor down the slope in a perfect zig zag practicing ‘pizza and chips’ with their skis, to the slightly older daredevils pinging off jumps and boxes in the terrain park, it is amazing to watch, and the smiles on their faces will warm your heart on a chilly mountain day. We vowed if we had children as soon as they could walk they’d learn to ski. Even if said child decided they didn’t like it, we would at least give them that opportunity.

IMG_6839Scotland hasn’t had a great season this year but there was a good dump a week or so ago. We were off to Perth for the weekend, so seized the opportunity to nip up to Glenshee. Although a fair amount had melted, there was still enough for sledging and to get her on her feet.


So off we set, baby skis, snow boots and sledge in tow for an unforgettable day. She had the biggest grin on her face the whole time, apart from when we stopped the sledge! Laughter filled the air as we set her off down the smallest of slopes. By the end of the day she’d found her feet enough to stand unaided. She even managed a little walk in her skis without falling over. We were very proud parents and delighted to see that something we love so much gave her so much enjoyment.


I know that her first outing doesn’t mean she’ll love this sport as much as we do. I know that next time we take her she might cry cry because she’s a little too cold. When she’s old enough for proper skis and has to use a button tow for the first time, I know she might fall off and refuse to get back on. It’s likely her first pair of ski boots will be uncomfy and she’ll toss them aside for snowboard boots, try snowboarding and cry when she doesn’t get off her bum all day.

But it doesn’t matter – because we had one day. One day where she had fun in the snow, skied, sledged and had a hearty skiers lunch. She was our squidgy marshmallow. It was our Little Oat who melted the hearts of everyone who passed her and we will always have that one day. Her first time on skis. Her first time on a sledge. This is a day I will treasure forever, and by no means was an ordinary day.









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8 thoughts on “#DayLOT8 First Time Skiing

  1. These pictures are so adorable, looks like she had such a good day! I think it’s great to start them off young whilst they are still super brave and afraid of nothing! Though my husband has never been skiing and I’ve only been once as a teenager, taking our little ones skiing as soon as possible is something we have talked about too, though I expect the children will start off much better than myself and my husband! ☺️ #marvmondays

  2. I’ve never been skiing but would love to give it a go. I wish we got even a hint of snow down south but it hardly ever settles – the snow there looks incredible and the sort of thing children’s dreams are made of! x

  3. This is absolutely incredible – I am so impressed. I have never skied in my life but my middle daughter is going on a school skiing trip next year. I’m sure she’ll love it. #fortheloveofBLOG

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