It’s so easy to drag ourselves down, to criticise ourselves. We worry about if we’re doing a good enough job (of being mama and our other jobs)!), are the choices we make the right ones?

Thanks to Claire at The Pramshed for tagging me in the #rockingmothehood tag I’ve got my chance to focus on the positive. To shout out loud with my 10 reasons for Rocking Motherhood!

1. LOTlusting

Our version of wanderlusting! People questioned our decision to book to go skiing when Oat would be 3 months old, before she was born. We questioned it ourselves. But we knew deep down we didn’t want to change what we did or stop doing what we loved. We wanted her to grow up being able to experience the world just as we did. It would have been easy not to have booked our flights, not to have gone, wondering how we’d have got on and sad that we missed out. So we did it, and again in the summer and again in October. I know we’ll always look back and be proud that we had the courage to keep exploring and show her the world.

2. Work It Mama

I knew I would always be a working mum. I could never be a stay at home full time mum. But the reality and practicality has been far from the vision in my head. In part due to a unique set of circumstances at work, my return has been much harder than I had thought. However – it is getting easier! There are good and bad days mum guilt wise. The bad days are really bad, and it hits you like a ton of bricks. The routine is becoming more natural though and the main thing is Oat is happy. She loves being with her grandparents two days a week and even at nursery I can see she’s settling in and thriving on the company of other children. The new norm is ok, and we will rock this shizz eventually!

3. Washing

I have learned to seperate my washing into more than just darks or white(ish). We now have whites, darks, pinks/reds, colours, sometimes just towels and sheets, sometimes just yellows, sometimes just blues! I wash a lot…but I’m getting down with some of the finer aspects  domesticated godessness…!

4. Organised (most of the time…!)

I’m very organised and efficient, with a list, a plan and a schedule often in tow! This has translated in part to mama life and of course has its benefits, especially with getting out the house for work. However, there’s still a bit of my brain that is mush (baby brain totally exists) and I have tendency to forget the odd item…but I’m learning that generally that’s ok and not the end of the world, which is a big deal for me.

5. I am the mama bear!

Don’t mess with me. Not about my child. I don’t like confrontation or saying no to people, and in the early days when everything was new and scary, I let myself be led in a direction I wasn’t happy with in relation to feeding. I found my voice, and as the months have passed I’ve grown more confident in making my feelings about what is right and best for my child known. There are times I still find it difficult to pipe up depending on the situation I’m in, but I’m getting better and I know I would move heaven and earth for Oat. So watch out.

6. Foodie in the making

In part this is down to her nature and that we’ve been very lucky and I fully appreciate that. However, I worked my socks off with weaning. I persevered when for what seemed like weeks everything I made was chucked on the floor or spat out. Why wouldn’t she eat avocado?? (I mean seriously the poor child, I only started eating them as an adult!). But I experimented, tried different textures, trusted my instincts and turned meal time in to happy time. She now eats what we do, loves a curry, a chilli, fish (this is huge for me as I don’t like fish so have worked really hard on this), and wait for it….avocado!!! In every shape and form – on toast with an egg, homemade guacamole, and with banana and yoghurt!

7. Run Balmoral

In April, as Oat turned four months old, I ran the Balmoral 5km with my work for charity. I ran the whole way, and I didn’t stop once. I have a huge respect for everyone out there who is a runner and regularly takes part in 10K’s or trains for marathons. That’s not me though, I am not a runner, and despite trying it several times, I do really hate it. I prefer to swim, play squash or go to a class. I knew I would need motivation, so signed up for the run before she was born, and started running after receiving the all clear. I’ve not run since the race, but have kept fit in other ways.

8. Doing our thing

We had a few unrealistic visions before Oat was born. For example we said we’d go out for Valentines Day, maybe even over night. She was 6 weeks old and that did not happen. It took a while longer before we ventured out just for the evening. Overall though both my husband and I have tried to keep doing what we love. He still plays squash, I still catch up with friends minus the baby, we still travel and we go out for lunch and tea with her. We’ve tried really hard not to change our lives completely. Of course she has changed our world, only for the better, but bar a few adjustments and needing to plan a bit more carefully, we take her along with us and we do what we did before. She just makes it a million times better.

9. Friends

I have made fantastic new friends, and grown closer to old friends since Oat was born. She has given me that opportunity and taught me to trust and open up.

10. Surviving a year!

We made it – we got through the first twelve months. Hospital readmissions, reflux, reluctant feeding, snot, grot, poop, teeth, holidays, and the everyday in between. We’re a family, learning and making mistakes as we go. At the centre of it all is our Little Oat. The best Christmas present we could have ever wished for.


There you have it. I’m Rocking Motherhood.

I’m tagging Louise at Mamas Don’t Preach and Anna at Biscuit Please Mummy . Shout loud ladies – tell everyone why you’re Rocking Motherhood and don’t ever doubt yourself.

E x

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  1. You absolutely are rocking it Mumma! Well done on the 5k! I’m not a runner either so I totally admire that achievement. As for the separation of the washing… WOW! I am in awe of your domestic deity! I have “Lights” and “Darks” and therefore tend to end up with a lot of “Murky Greys” hehe. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x
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