Another week. I say it all the time but time seems to disappear. Apart from when you’re at work and you’re begging it to disappear so that you can go home! There’s been a big milestone in our house this week which is a bit of a sad one really.  A weekly round up is exactly what I need to make sure I don’t forget about these moments.

I’m delighted with the first week of #captureittreasureit ! I have a beautiful collection of ordinary moments capturing gorgeous babies, puppies and the great Scottish outdoors!




I’m looking forward to seeing the little community grow over the coming weeks and seeing what matters to you.

So without a further a do here’s my week round up!


It was ok. There are projects I’m enjoying which make the day interesting and fly by. However there are still uncertainties about the future and overall it’s much the same old. Plus I can’t read my new boss very well and he totally had me fooled into believing he didn’t know who David Bowie was. He was joking. But it too a week for me to realise!

Mum guilt

Oat has been much better this week with two great days at nursery. Apart from drop off. It is still horrific. So much so that my husband did it on Wednesday, and he got a bit of a shock. It leaves you with a sad sinking feeling for the rest of the day that is hard to shake. However, she is fine within minutes, and genuinely happy and unphased at pick up. I swear she’s doing it on purpose!!! I hope it gets better though as it proving very tough.

Something new

This week Oat stopped her night time bottle. *sniff sniff*. For over a month the amount of milk she’d been drinking at bed time had dwindled. Last week we decided to change the bed time routine and feed her downstairs. Her bedtime story would follow, upstairs for teeth, and straight into bed. This was working well, and the milk intake continued to dwindle. So we thought we’d switch to the cup. True to form, she’s not batted an eyelid and gave up the bottle without so much as a backward glance. So that’s it. Overnight that last bedtime snuggle has gone. My husband and I are devastated, whilst proud that she’s moved on so well. It feels like she is no longer a little baby, and day by day is becoming more and more of a little girl. As I’ve said – time flies!


I was lucky enough to go out for a scummy dinner with friends on Friday night and have a night off! I had a really good time and we had good giggle!


It’s been a funny week or so on the blog and I haven’t been anywhere near as productive as I would have liked. I think I stressed myself out a little bit again and then didn’t have the energy to get back to it. I have to be realistic, and being back at work is tiring and of course time consuming. I would love to post three or four times a week, but that isn’t going to happen. So I have decided to aim for at least one. If I can I will post twice a week. I have been working on a post with a colleague and I’m excited to sit down, finish it and get it published – so watch this space!

To conclude

Life continues to be full of ups and downs – whether it’s work, or the sniffles, the miserable weather or a bad nights sleep! But it is full of incredibly enjoyable moments and whilst we no longer get our bed time snuggles, it is amazing to see her growing up into a strong dependant little lady.


Have a good week and join me on Instagram for #captureittreasureit ! E x

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  1. Lovely way to capture your week as the milestones come so thick and fast at this age don’t they – the time really does fly. I hope that the nursery drop offs get a little easier for you soon. It breaks your heart to know that they don’t want you to leave them, but you’re absolutely right – they’re completely fine as soon as you’re out of sight. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x
    Rhyming with Wine recently posted…Quest To The Front Door…My Profile

  2. Ah a week of highs and lows and how annoying with your boss. I remember being on work experience and going to the greengrocer’s to ask for a long stangd. How gullible!! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays and I hope you come back again!

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