This week, has thankfully, just been very ordinary. I’ve finally managed a few early nights and I’m beginning to feel that I’m definitely settling into the routine of being at work. We’ve got another lazy weekend here, with only a few plans. Next weekend we’re away with family and we’re hoping to hit the slopes on Saturday! We’ve finally had some snow and it should still be around next week. I’ve also taken a week on Monday off, calling for a long weekend! So here’s my weekly round up – enjoy!


Not quite so good as last week. The job is definitely going in swings and roundabouts. A naughty check of emails on Friday suggested that next week might be a better bit. We’ll have to see. I’m still struggling with work. I used to be happy in my job, and it only deteriorated a few months before I went on maternity leave when it became clear that it was highly unlikely that I would return to my post. For a while I didn’t care as I had a new life to concentrate on.

When I came out of the cocoon and the reality was I needed to consider what was going to happen with my job, earlier than anyone on maternity leave should even start thinking about work, it started to become very stressful. Everything about the process of me getting my current role was horrific. I think I’ve said before, but I’ve still not recovered from the interview process. I was relieved to get the job, and despite very mixed feelings about returning when I did – it was a job, and a job I felt had the potential to be great. Four, nearly five months in, I’m yet to find greatness. More on that another time.

Mum guilt

Generally speaking all has been well in this department! Nursery – no change there in drop off! A friend mentioned to me this week that Oat crying could just be a routine/pattern now. In her head, when she gets to nursery that’s what she does when I take her coat off. If anyone has advice or suggestions on breaking the pattern I’d be delighted to hear them! It is also reassuring to hear from other parents who face the same hysterical crying at drop off, and to hear from those who have promised me that it does get better. I still miss her though of course, and some days are harder than others.

Something new

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns…Oat has a temper and lots of attitude. For the first time this week the nursery said that she’d been a “bit out of sorts”. Oat can be clingy at the moment, and can cry hysterically, or throw herself around if you’ve had to put her down – you know to make food for her or yourself. We tend to try to ignore this as best we can, but have to intervene if she looks like she’s about to throw herself from standing to the ground, for her safety!

As good as she is at entertaining herself if she has decided she wants you to play with her, then god forbid you stop and divert your attention. Nursery saw this all for the first time on Wednesday, and said she had a few proper strops throughout the day, throwing her self on the floor with her little hand and feet thumping the ground, and having a total melt down when they removed her from the snack table!

I’m not sure if she was feeling a bit under the weather from the MMR last week, as she’s been fine since with minimal strops. However this will definitely be one that we watch.

On the positive – she has started to come for proper cuddles!! She’s never been a cuddly girl, and as soon as we moved out of the newborn stage, we lost a lot of snuggle time. For a while, if she’s sleepy she’d come over and settle for a nap on you. Last week this changed, and more and more my husband and I have both been getting little cuddles. She is also sitting for a story at bedtime snuggled in – if it’s one she likes!


No me time during the week, but I’m off out for afternoon tea this afternoon with my friends, minus Oat!


Feeling much more relaxed this week, and aim to write a schedule of activity to keep me in check!

To conclude

Life is ordinary, and sometimes ordinary is just what you need. It doesn’t mean that within that ordinary, there are extraordinary moments.

E x

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