#WeekLOT4 – Weekend Chillout

We have had a lovely weekend just chilling out. After being away last weekend it was a real treat to be at home. I couldn’t believe how wonderful the weather was on Saturday. After waking up to a hoolie I thought we’d end up hibernating all day. But it settled down and although it wasn’t great we headed out anyway. I am so glad we did as when we arrived in Banchory (only half an hour away) the sun was shining and it was warm. That’s right. WARM! It was gorgeous and both of us ended up with our jackets off.

I don’t dislike winter at all. I love the cold and the snow, and the the dark nights are only here for such a short time with my favourite holiday in the middle (Christmas of course!). However, I am so ready for the spring now, and I’ve felt much chearier now the days are longer and when the sun does shine there is that glimmer of warmth.

Last weekend we took Oat skiing and I have over a hundred treasured moments that we captured. I am so grateful that it is so easy to snap away and we will never forget the wonderful day we had. Thank you to everyone who took part in #captureittreasureit – here’s my two favourite captures from the last week.


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So the weekend was good but what about the working week…


It’s work. Nothing more to say.

Mum Guilt

We had a really bad drop off at nursery on Tuesday and for the first time I very nearly didn’t leave her and almost went back in to get her. She was hysterical. She’s fine when we arrive, and as we walk in she blows kisses. As soon as I go to hand her over or put her down with toys (I’ve tried a variety of techniques) she dissolves into hysterics. It’s horrific. However they have assured me that she’s fine within five minutes max. And I believe them – they’ve been very honest on the days she has had a bad day, and I pressed them on the issue on Tuesday when I picked her up.

I asked whether I shouldn’t just ‘dump and run’ – should I stay and console her. They said it wasn’t likely to help and potentially could make it worse if she learns that if she cries then I stay. So I asked if they thought there was an issue and they said no asbosoutely not, and if she wasn’t settling during the day they would have asked me in to to discuss it by now.

I can see she’s perfectly happy when I pick her up. I’ve often stood and watched her for a few minutes before she sees me and she’s happily playing, interacting with other children or emerged in a game. She eats and she sleeps well when she’s there. So deep down I know she’s ok during the day. But it doesn’t stop the feeling. The horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that eats away at you all day. If anyone has any tips on how to overcome this, or whether it is just a case of riding it out, I would love to hear them!

Something New

The last week there have been a few times when she’s been for a number two that she’s actively come to tell us (well we can sniff it by then!). She sort of says “poo poo” and points to her nappy. She then takes us to the door, and upstairs to change her. I’m sure she’s still quite a way off potty training, but this definitely looks like we’re moving in the direction where she knows what she is doing and that she wants something done about it. We’re so proud LOL!

We’ve also continued to see developments in her imagination. It’s amazing watching her play with toys (or tea towels and a club card) and see her clearly playing some sort of game. The kitchen cupboards are definitely a favourite at the moment, and she’s now got her own basket of shopping she can take in and out!


I’ve caught up with a few friends this week and on Saturday night my husband and I met our good friends for an awesome Indian in town. It was delicious and we will both be going back. My only downside of playtime this week was that I made my fiends little boy bleed!! Actual blood!! I was very proud for approximately 5 seconds as I averted a terrible fall, but in saving him, I scratched his little face. I have never felt so awful in my life. I’ve caught Oat a few times but never made her bleed. His mummy took it very well though and he didn’t even cry. However I still feel terrible!


I’m beginning to get into a better pattern, and I think being more realistic has helped. I’m still concentrating on only one or two posts a week, but using the extra time I have on social media. I’ve already noticed a difference on Twitter. I’m also really excited to start working with a friend on some graphics and a logo! Watch this space!

So there we are. Day to day life continues to be ordinary, but days like last Saturday spent skiing and sledging continue to be extraordinary and add to our treasured moments.

Have a great week!

E x

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4 thoughts on “#WeekLOT4 – Weekend Chillout

  1. I definitely understand about wanting it to be Spring. I too like winter but I am very much over it and in need of a little bit of warmth and sun.
    I am sorry that the nursery drop off did not go well. It can only get better. 🙂


  2. The nursery drop off used to be so hard at times. My little girl went through phases too where you thought she’d cracked it then out of the blue she’d start the hysterics. I used to ring up when I got to work and they’d say she’d settled down very quickly. Problem is you don’t see that happen so you’re left with the feeling that she’s unhappy when in reality she moved on pretty much after too left! #dreamteam

  3. Sounds lovely catching up with friends and getting in the groove with blogging stuff too! I really feel your pain re the nursery drop offs, Emma was the same but it did get better after about a month as she started to recognise the people and surroundings….hope it eases soon as there’s no better way to make you feel terrible for leaving them. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x
    Bridie By The Sea recently posted…Top 10 Baby & Toddler Classes in BrightonMy Profile

  4. Ah sounds a good week apart from nursery. I don’t really have advice other than to say they all seem to go through this at some point but nursery always seem to say they are fine when the parent has left. Just keep doing as you are and it’ll probably pass, it’s probably just a phase xx #FortheloveofBLOG

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