#WeekLOT5 Life goes on

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a round up. In some ways nothing changes, life is much and such the same. In other ways things seem to change massively. We’ve had lots of lovely things going on at home, but unfortunately it feels like there’s a big black cloud hanging over me.

I don’t really need a list like the one below to categorise thoughts and help pinpoint what’s wrong at the moment, it’s a very simple question and answer. Work is at the root of it. But the other categories on the list help put that crap into prospective and provide a focus on all that is positive.

I want to send a huge shout out to Caroline at Becoming a Stay at Home Mum for getting involved with #captureittreasureit over on Instagram. I’ve loved seeing her daily photos come in. They’re mostly (there’s a gorgeous black and white photo I’ve chosen which is why I say mostly!) brightly coloured and full of beaming smiles, showing off her lovely family, in very ordinary everyday moments. These treasured moments show them together as a family and capture the daily adventures of a toddler exploring the world.  I’ve chose a few of my favourites below to share with you all!



I think one thing I’ve enjoyed the most about the tag is building a picture of someones life and what is capturing their hearts at any one time. With Caroline it’s clearly her family, with others it’s been the landscape and scenery that surrounds them, and for some it’s been the furry friends in their lives. It’s interesting, intriguing and I really hope to see more from you over the coming weeks! So head on over to Instagram and tag #captureittreasureit for those moments that you’ve captured to treasure forever.

Over to my roundup…


Watch this space for the low down on the work situation.

Mum Guilt

Overall I’m not feeling too bad at the moment. We’ve turned a bit of a corner at nursery and had a few successful drop offs with no tears!!! These days I’ve literally skipped into work! I can’t believe the difference it’s had on how I feel. We generally have a routine, at least to the point we know where we’re meant to be, when and what we need to get there! I still miss her lots though of course, but love that I’m lucky enough to get slightly longer evenings with her thanks to a bit of flexible working, and of course my Fridays off. Despite being exhausted at the end of the day at the moment, mostly the time at home is extremely enjoyable and despite often the most tiring days of the week, definitely the best.

Something New

Little Oat has really found her voice the last few weeks. Through the constant gabbling and chit chat that is just sounds, more and more words are coming out. This weeks favourite are car and flower. Everytime she sees a car she says car – this makes for a a fun commute!! My favourite is flower though – outside nursery there is a plastic windmill type flower and as we came out the other day she pointed and said flower! The last few days she also finally started to really say mummy. Dadda was the first word, and over time it has changed to daddy, but whilst she could say mama if she really wanted, she would mostly just say daddy or dada. However she now clearly defines between the two and will turn to either of us and say mummy or daddy. It’s heart warming and so lovely to hear.

As the weather has been generally a bit nicer and drier, she’s also outside more, and is desperate to be down on her feet and wants to walk from the car to the door or around the shops. She also loves the beach and I’m looking forward to spending more time on the sand as the weather warms up.


We’ve been busy at home with various birthday celebrations, meals out, dinner at friends and general pottering about with friends. It’s been all go though, and next weekend we have no plans and I will have to start thinking about getting packed for holidays.

I also want to throw in my guilty TV pleasures at the moment – I’m watching Big Bang from the start and loving it. I’ve dipped in and out of this over the years but never in sequence so I decided to start from the beginning. I’m also watching Riverdale, a Netflix Drama, and Designated Survivor with Keiffer Sutherland, as well as Broadchurch! Anyone got any other good recommendations?!


Generally I am on about one post a week. I said a few weeks back I thought this was a reasonable expectation. I would like to be doing more and spending more time on the blog, but it’s not realistic at the moment. I would also like to spend some more time on social media, especially Instagram growing #captureittreasureit. At the end of the day though I’m not prepared to miss out on “real life” for the sake of a social media life. I think I could run the risk of becoming way to engrossed in the online life, and forget about the real life taking place all around me.

One thing I am really toying with at the moment is having a go at a Vlog. I didn’t think it would ever be something I’d do with the blog, but I love watching some people’s little videos (mainly because I’m so nosey!). I do also think some of the things I’d like to chat about would suit a Vlog better. What does everyone think? Dive in and give it a go?! Would you watch?

So there you have it. Nothing exciting, nothing majorly new. A small insight into our life, and for me a brilliant way to be capturing the small changes which I definitely don’t want to forget.

Until next time!

E x



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